How not to train for a marathon

How are you meant to train for a marathon? It’s a serious question, because I just signed up for my first one and I don’t have a bloody clue!

From what I’ve read, you’re meant to have a good long training period in advance, gradually building up the miles with weekly long runs. May a bit of speed work for good measure. All so that by the time you arrive at the start line you’re physically and mentally prepared.

Yeah, I’m not doing it that way.

In a fit of “why the fuck not?” I put my name down for the Auckland Marathon on the 30th October. As I write this it’s the 15th September. 45 days. But I’ve got a good level of fitness. I’ve been running regularly for 18 months now. Even managed a 1 hour 26 min half marathon. That should be plenty of time. Just get to Auckland, get some miles on the roads, get used to the course, it’ll be fine.

Except I’m writing this in Delhi Airport. On my way to Kathmandu. I only get to New Zealand after diverting through Malaysia and Sri Lanka. So my training will be loaded with air miles at least.

On the bright side, I’m trekking for two weeks around Nepal. That’ll be eight hours a day of walking, climbing mountains up to 4000m, and maybe a spot of white water rafting for good measure. Although I’m not sure this method will be making it into any marathon manuals any time soon.

Hopefully this altitude training will be enough to get me through my first 26 mile attempt. Right now, finishing is the primary aim.

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